Although it may still look pretty similar, our intranet elves have been busy working their magic in the background to try and make The Insider work better for you…

New look and feel homepageWe’ve got loads of great things happening across the business which is fantastic. However it does often mean that the amount of articles we see hitting our top news section pushes them through very quickly – not really giving you much of a chance to see them. That’s why we’ve changed this to split news between the top section and the slider underneath. The top section will show our featured news area, with an additional four stories sat underneath.

If you’d like to add a news article The Insider take a look at our submission guidelines here or get in touch with us at

New main menu

We also want to make it more useful for you so that it’s more than a news platform, so we’ve changed the main navigation at the top. We’ll also be adding a new departmental section, so if you’d like to showcase your department and have a page on The Insider – let us know by getting in touch with us at

  • There’s an about us section which talks about Carnival UK – we’ll be adding more to this over the next few weeks
  • The news has been consolidated into a single area with the categories underneath
  • No more long list of quick links – we’ve tried to bring together the links you need to do your job
  • We’ve even added a new Iona page which is full of content and the latest updates

Remember, The Insider is an open platform for any one to view, so anything confidential and secure will still need to remain on The Bridge.

Have any thoughts or feedback? We’d love to hear them – simply comment below.

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