About the partnership

Carnival UK ‘the Company’ and Nautilus Trade Union agree that a partnership approach enable us both to concentrate on our shared interest in the success of the Company’s business. Good industrial relations are necessary to achieve this common objective of ensuring the efficiency and prosperity of the business for the benefit of stakeholders. The key objective is to support a true culture of partnership at work.

The forum consists of a number of CUK management and Officers from within the Deck & Technical community and at least one official from Nautilus Trade Union. The forum covers all issues affecting Officers in the Deck, Technical, Fleet Training and Security departments. The forum meet four times a year.

If you’re interested in becoming a Partnership at Work Representative, then please email PartnershipatWork@carnivalukgroup.com.

Click here for the Partnership Agreement

Future PAW dates:

Tuesday 18th June 2024

Tuesday 17th September 2024

Tuesday 26th November 2024

If you have any queries please email our Partnership at Work representatives:

  • Nautilus contact details:
    Rachel Lynch, Strategic Organiser (rlynch@nautilusint.org)
  • John Fleming, 1st Officer
  • James McInnes, 1st Officer
  • Chris Parkin, 1st Officer
  • Alan Pitt, 1st Officer
  • Daniel Trewin, 1st Officer
  • Joe Douglass, 2nd Officer
  • Richard Finan 2nd Officer
  • Martin Rakov, 2nd Officer
  • Ross Cleland, 3rd Officer
  • Gregor Linfield, 3rd Officer
  • Samuel Brooks, 1st Engineer Officer
  • Tim Crossley, 1st Engineer Officer
  • Mark Langford, 1st Engineer Officer
  • Thomas Bates, 2nd Engineer Officer
  • Bradley Clarke, 2nd Elec Tech Officer
  • Dave Jackson, 2nd Elec Tech Officer
  • Andrew McArthur, Technical Stores Manager
  • Tim Trevarthen, Fleet Safety Trainer
  • Lukasz Pozniak, Safety Officer
  • David Francis, Security Officer
  • Neil Williams, Security Officer
  • Dean Camilleri, Environmental Officer
  • Peter Farrar, Environmental Officer
  • Tony Heaton, Environmental Officer
  • Ross Wheeler, Fleet Environmental Officer

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