In our latest update from the Uniform Project Team, we’re pleased to share the new uniform designs for Cunard’s Food and Beverage Departments.

As shown in the mood boards below, many of our team members will have an all-day uniform, and for some, accessories to be worn in the evening. Our female colleagues will also have the option of wearing trousers.

All uniform has been intuitively designed to ensure comfort and durability, whilst maintaining the elegance of Cunard.

Indoor Bar Staff & Open Decks Bar Staff

For Bar staff working at indoor venues, we have designed a new waistcoat to be worn throughout the day. For those working on the open decks, they will have a different uniform which is conducive to their working environment. Both indoor and outdoor wardrobes will be comfortable to wear and made with quality fabric. 

Dining: Maître d roles, Head Waiter, Britannia & Grills Waiter, Sommelier, Afternoon Tea Waiter

Our maître d and Head Waiters will have a newly designed suit, with our female colleagues having the option to wear trousers. For the evening, a waistcoat forms part of the wardrobe. Accessories, including ties, pocket squares and waistcoats will be colour coordinated dependent on your rank.

Our Britannia & Grills Main Dining Waiters will have an all-day uniform with colour coordinated accessories, including a tie and pocket square.

Afternoon Tea Waiters have a newly designed waistcoat with a bespoke neckerchief accessory which will go towards enhancing the whole afternoon tea experience for our guests.

Sommeliers will wear the Bars waistcoat during the day and a bespoke designed jacket during the evening service, together with a matching tie. 

Alternative Dining

There will be bespoke and differentiated easy to wear waistcoats and apron style accessories to be worn when working in The Golden Lion, Sir Samuel’s, Aji Wa, Aranya, Tramonto and the Food Hall. Bright Lights Society & Sir Samuel’s will have waistcoats, with each uniform representing the venue’s aesthetic.


Executive Chefs and Chefs will wear their usual uniform with a review to be completed following the launch of Queen Anne. All chefs will have new neckerchiefs in black, red, gold, or ecru, embracing the new wave design. The colour worn will be dependent on your rank.

Hotel Assistants Galley will now be wearing Polo shirts with chef’s trousers and their personal protective equipment.

Our new uniform will be launching on Queen Anne in May 2024. Keep an eye out for our next update when we’ll reveal more of our new designs. If you missed it, learn more about the two concepts that have been used to design and create the new wardrobes and take a look at our new uniforms for Housekeeping and Laundry roles.

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