In our latest update from the Uniform Project Team, the new uniform designs for Cunard’s Housekeeping and Laundry departments are revealed.

Bedroom Stewards & Assistant Butlers
Housekeeping will now have one uniform which can be worn both during the day and in the evening. The tunic has been designed to ensure comfort when worn, made from a breathable robust fabric with an air vent at the back. For our female colleagues there is a tie to adjust the fitting of the tunic. Everyone will now be wearing blue pull on trousers, and we will be providing uniform shoes too.

(Please note: The skirt pictured will not feature in the final uniform.)

Butlers will have both a daytime and evening uniform. The uniform is more comfortable to wear, made with a better-quality fabric. Female colleagues can also wear trousers if they’d prefer.


Hotel Assistants
The tunic has been designed for practicality in the workplace, whilst comfortable at the same time. There will be black pull on trousers for all.

(Please note: The skirt pictured will not feature in the final uniform.)

Laundry Team
Team members will now be wearing a branded quality Polo shirt and have the option of wearing either Chino trousers or shorts.

Our new uniform will be launching on Queen Anne in May 2024. Keep an eye out for our next update when we’ll reveal more of our new designs.

If you missed it, read our previous update to learn more about the two concepts that have been used to design and create the new wardrobes.

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