Ready for Queen Anne, the Uniform Project Team has been working behind the scenes to deliver a new Cunard uniform range that encompasses the very best of British design and style, all the while remaining comfortable and functional to allow our crew to be at their best. 

In our latest project update, we take a closer look at the two concepts that are being used to design and create our new Cunard wardrobes.

Inspired by Cunard

Using feedback from Cunard colleagues about our current uniform, along with research into our brand and Cunard archives, the design team was able to develop several design concepts.

The team felt the following concepts were strongest, bringing to life the essence of Cunard and its heritage, all the while looking to the future:

Concept 1: ‘Quintessentially Cunard’

Classic maroons and aubergine colours capture the historical richness of our brand, reflected in past uniforms as well as being a strong presence in brochures and collateral stretching back through the decades.

Concept 2: ‘Voyage Through Time’

Taking inspiration from the oceans we sail on and reflecting the innovation that Cunard is famous for, the fresh blues and yellows reflect a playfulness and energy you’ll find on board a Cunard ship.

Taking these concepts through to production has involved a great deal of care and consideration. The project team, which includes representatives from the Brand & Product Development team, Guest Experience and Procurement, has also been working to ensure every role and team member is considered.

Beyond updating the current Cunard uniform, which is now over 20 years old, the aim has been to create garments that are first and foremost comfortable for crew to wear.

They have been designed to be flexible and great for easy movement, while at the same time, well-tailored and well cut, to ensure each garment looks smart and refined and is suitable for a variety of body shapes and sizes.

We have worked with our supplier to choose and create bespoke fabrics for our core black trousers and white shirts, that will be worn by a wide variety of ranks. These fabrics are lightweight yet elegant and those garments that need it, will use fabrics that help our colleagues perform at their best.

Making waves

Finally, linking all our uniforms together, and colleagues ship and shore, will be a unique ‘Making Waves’ pattern that has been created exclusively for Cunard. This elegant pattern is inspired by Lord Kelvin’s principal of hydrodynamics, which applies to the wake of all vessels whatever their size or speed.

You’ll start to see this appear on accessories and elements across our uniforms to ensure we are one team, one Cunard. We’ll reveal more about this pattern in January. Stay tuned!

What’s next?

In the new year we’ll be updating you on the next phase of the project: showcasing designs by department and accessories.

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