Last week saw many people around the world celebrate the five-day festival of lights, Diwali, including some of our colleagues on board. Here you can see what our ship’s company on Iona and Aurora got up to…

Captain Alan Hawkins on Aurora and Captain Robert Camby on Iona commended the creativity of our Indian colleagues onboard, and admired the efforts from the various teams who worked together to turn scrap materials to colourful and bright decorations. Hotel lead Ian Herechuk, on Aurora, said: “the encouragement from onboard leaders allowed our Indian crew to do fabulously well in putting together this year’s Diwali festival”.

Christina Dayal, Crew Services Manager on Iona said; “The celebration of Diwali, also known as Festival of Lights, was celebrated with great enthusiasm and involvement of crew from all nationality of the Iona family, which made the occasion more enjoyable and added to the spirit of ‘one ship, one team’. The desserts and the menu created by the chef on this occasion was phenomenal and gave crew something to talk about for the next few days. This celebration added a sparkle and beam of light in these challenging times. Let there be light and hope in the world and resilience of our industry prevail.

See some of the delicacies and decorations they had on board:


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One of the Hotel Assistants on board Aurora also had this to say; “It was a good experience celebrating Diwali onboard. Being on our first contract and away from home during the festival season, it was exciting to see the Champions Bar decorated with materials, which was hand made by ourselves.” Take a look for yourself below:


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