At the end of last year, we gave Cunard crew the opportunity to complete a survey about our current Cunard uniform – to understand their thoughts on the fit, comfort, quality, and function. A big thank you to everyone who shared their feedback.  

To coincide with Queen Anne’s launch in May 2024, the Uniform Project Team has been using this feedback to conduct a full review of the current uniform, for Guest Experience Ratings and colleagues with Officer status who do not wear an Officer uniform. The current uniform was last updated in 2004 when Queen Mary 2 first set sail.  

Ready for Queen Anne, the aim is to deliver a cohesive and consistent uniform range, that encompasses the very best of British design and style, all the while remaining comfortable and functional to allow our Cunard crew to be at their best.  

What our crew told us:   

  • Cunard is a brand with a rich heritage, but there is an opportunity for us to bring our uniforms into the modern landscape. 
  • The top priority is a comfortable uniform, that allows them to move easily. 
  • Though the uniform still makes many of our colleagues feel professional and proud, some feel its design and functionality could be improved.  
  • There is consensus that the current uniform is easy to clean which is something they’d like to see continued in the new range.

How we’ve used the feedback so far:  

All feedback has been taken into consideration and shared with the Uniform Design Team to make sure it feeds into the design and development of the new uniform range for Queen Anne.  

What’s next?  

In the coming months we’ll be engaging with our key stakeholders at an SMT and Ops level, and we look forward to sharing further updates with you as the project progresses. Stay tuned!  

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