National Inclusion Week 2022

National Inclusion Week is a week dedicated to learning about and celebrating inclusivity, and we’re joining thousands of employers across the UK in taking part.  

It’s a great opportunity for us all reflect on what we can do to build a more inclusive culture and take action to make it happen – something echoed in this year’s NIW theme: Time to Act, The Power of Now.  

At Carnival UK, we’re also exploring The Importance of Allyship – and what it really means to be an Ally and stand up in support of others – not just this week, but every day of the year.  

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) is an integral part of our Culture Essentials. Creating a positive and just culture, based on inclusion and the power of diversity, is everyone’s responsibility. It’s time to think about the behaviours that need embedding now to make inclusion an everyday reality.  

Watch our conversation with Rosie Jones here

On 30 September, Rosie Jones spoke to our DE&I Manager, Asha Sorenson, about her own experiences as a lesbian, disabled woman. It was fantastic to hear from Rosie, and her cat, who made an unexpected appearance too! 

The recording has been removed.

If you have any issues watching the recording above you can also access it via the Teams link here.

This year’s themes:

Time to Act, The Power of Now.

Which behaviours need embedding now, that will make inclusion an everyday reality? 

‘By empowering every individual to take action, we are moving the burden away from those who have lived experience and are working together to make a difference.

NIW is always a week of celebration, commitment and inspiration. This year we want it to be the beginning of a renewed focused on action… ‘

The Importance of Allyship.

What does it really mean to be an Ally and stand up in support of others?  

Broadly speaking, allyship is when a person from a privileged group works in conjunction with a marginalized group to help remove systems that challenge their basic rights, equal access and ability to thrive in society.

An ally feels a sense of responsibility to use their knowledge, skills and position of privilege to drive tangible change.

The power of a pledge:

What does being an ally mean to you? We asked our colleagues, ship and shore, to make pledge. It could have been a pledge to support another colleague, speak up on behalf of another, or further your education to better understand someone else’s culture – anything you can do to become a better ally and stand up in support of others.  

Here’s a quick look at some of the pledges our colleagues made:

The power of community:

Find out more about our ELNS, learn more about their upcoming events and how you can get involved:

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