Together with all brands in our Carnival family, we’re taking action to be more sustainable from ship to shore. A priority in this is our focus on reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and pursuing net zero emissions by 2050.

We’re continuing to invest in new technologies to support this, including installing shore power capability across our fleet. This enables our ships to use shoreside electric power in port where available, rather than running their engines, resulting in reduced engine emissions and noise in port.

Britannia is the latest ship to have benefitted from this technology and, on a recent call to Haugesund in Norway, connected to shore power for the very first time!

Captain Denis Balic said:

“I am delighted to announce that Britannia has effectively commissioned shore power connection. This notable accomplishment enables us to link up with the port power grid wherever possible, minimising the necessity to run our engines simultaneously.

This initiative highlights our steadfast commitment and dedication to sustainability. A special acknowledgment is due to Chief Engineer Peter Redding, Staff Electro-Technical Officer Micheál Martin-Sullivan, and their respective teams. Well done to the whole team.”

Providing berths with shore power are available, Britannia will now be able to connect to shore power in ports such as Bergen, Haugesund and Kiel. This is a remarkable achievement and a significant step forward in our focus on reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

Where else can our ships connect to shore power?

Currently there are just over 30 ports in the world that provide shore power for large cruise ships. Whilst this limits opportunities, our ships connect wherever available and operationally possible and we continue to work with local port authorities to utilise new power connections as they become available.

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