The foundation for us building our ideal culture at Carnival UK is based on inclusion and the power of diversity. We have a lot of diversity on board our ships, which is one of the things that makes us great. But it can be hard to manage this without some conscious effort. Our focus on how we do things and the way we work together is so important. It’s essential that we all take the opportunity to learn about each other so everyone feels respected and included.

Recently over 300 crew members onboard Iona took part in an inclusive pageant to support Southampton Pride 2023. The pageant, which was held in the Headliners Theatre featured three competitive categories: Queen, King, and Sovereign of the Seas. The contestants were from different departments and different cultures, all united by their shared passion for diversity and inclusion.

The show was opened by guest entertainment Triptonic, who got the party started with their high-energy dance music and there was also a surprise performance from Iona’s Ultimate Gurlz who got everyone up and dancing!

The contestants entered by walking on stage to a song that they felt best represented themselves. One of the Kings, Ivan, danced his walk onstage and the audience soared with delight. They also had to answer questions about their outfit choice and how it represented them. The judges were impressed by the contestants’ creativity, confidence, and passion. In the end, the winners were: Queen: Hazel, Housekeeping Assistant, King: Ivan, Housekeeping Assistant, Sovereign of the Seas: Diego, Photo Manager. The winners were all gifted a trophy and £500 each.

The pageant was a huge success, helping to raise awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion. It was also a great way for the crew to come together and celebrate their differences.

One of the Sovereigns’, who used the stage as an opportunity to ‘come out’, received a rapturous applause from the crowd. This moment was particularly touching for many of the crew members, who felt inspired by the contestant’s courage.

The pageant was a truly inclusive event, and it showed that the Iona crew is committed to creating a welcoming and supportive environment for everyone. 

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