Often when we are busy and overtaken by tasks and routine there are not enough stand out moments. However, seeing over 900 of you in Carnival House last Tuesday for my first Atrium town hall as Carnival UK president was a definite pinch me moment of joy and pride. There was such positive energy and vitality in the air and it felt such a good place to be and such a great vibe.

As you know, I have spent the vast majority of my working life with this business and as I have grown up (and grown older!) I have gained a deep understanding of almost all areas and departments. I have seen many presidents (or managing directors/CEOs as we used to call them) come and go. I am aware of the responsibility which comes with the role and that I am only as good as my team – i.e. all of you. 

My purpose is to support you.

You all will enable us to hit our collective goals. My job is to ensure you are set up for success… I also sincerely hope and aim that Carnival UK, both at sea and ashore, is a place you enjoy working and somewhere you see your future for years to come.

As we are now in the first week of Wimbledon I have been thinking about the film King Richard, which tells the story of how Venus and Serena Williams were coached by their father and rose to be two of the greatest athletes in the world. Richard Williams had a 78-page plan, which he wrote even before they were born, such was his determination that they would succeed. There are many lessons that we can all learn from him and regardless of our area of business or goals, they are all equally relevant.

He perfected his elevator pitch – telling his story concisely, being very clear in what he wanted and from whom. Know who to ask and where to go for help. That could be your family, friend, peers, your line manager or me – I am always open to hearing from you.

Be forever learning – none of us knows everything about what we do, far from it. There are always opportunities to learn and grow – take every one of them. It may be modules on The Cove, it may be shadowing a colleague, asking for a mentor, collaborating on new ideas and ways of working, work experience in a different team – whatever it is there will always be something you can take from it. Never be satisfied with ‘good enough’ – always strive to be better and do things better.

Make a plan – visualise it and work out what you need and how you will do it.

Focus on short-term tasks and long term goals – find your own path and your own pace. Prioritise by understanding what is important and urgent versus what is not business critical or time sensitive.

Have the right attitude – this is the key to it all. If we could bottle the vibe in the Atrium last week and maintain that at all times we would be well on the path to success (and the best thing here is that it is totally down to each of us choosing our attitude every day).

Forge your own path – be your own person with your own ideas and your own skillset. Have confidence in your own abilities – everyone has something very valuable to offer.

Do the best with what you have  – everyone has a superpower of some kind and these differences are what make up a successful team. It would be very dull, and very difficult, if we were all the same. Embrace our differences and work with them.

Every single one of you plays a very significant part in the success of this business and if you want it badly enough then each and every one of you can be whatever you want to be, both personally and professionally.

Just ask Richard Williams.

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