Next month we’re launching a new Know Your Numbers guide on the Good Day at CUK, Wellbeing hub, to coincide with Know your numbers awareness week in the UK. 

Know your Numbers week is a campaign that occurs annually in the second week of September and is the UK’s biggest blood pressure testing and awareness week that helps reach those with high blood pressure and don’t know it so they can get treatment and support they need to bring it under control.

To mark the launch of the new Know your Numbers page, our Occupational Health team will be offering a number of opportunities at Carnival House throughout September encouraging colleagues to learn more about their numbers related to cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, weight and body mass index (BMI). 

  • To kick off the campaign the team will be setting up a health kiosk space in Carnival House between 5 to 9 September and are encouraging all employees to take part by popping  by for a blood pressure check.
  • Alternatively the team will also be offering some face to face appointments between 12 to 14  September to enable employees to get their numbers checked such as blood pressure and fingerprick glucose & cholesterol levels. You can book your appointment ahead of time here;


All face to face appointments will be held in Greenland clinic room on the ground floor next to the Tech Bar.

If you have any further questions related to this event please contact our Occupational Health Team @

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