This month Cunard will be launching an advertisement campaign on UK television for the first time. The advert was produced by Cunard’s creative agency, Supernova at the7stars and was scheduled to premier with a hero spot on ITV’s The Queens Jubilee Street Party on Saturday 4 June. 

As part of Cunard’s ongoing strategy to drive newcomer growth and increase occupancy alongside the launch of Queen Anne, the 30 second advertisement will feature the voice of British philosopher Alan Watts who ponders what you would do “if you had the power to dream any dream you wanted to dream” and allows the audience to draw parallels between their ultimate wishes and the Cunard experience.

Preview the advert here…

“The launch of Queen Anne and our TV campaign marks an incredibly exciting time for the Cunard brand. The campaign provides us with a great opportunity to reach our newcomer audiences at scale and introduce them to the Cunard experience in a way that we haven’t been able to before”.

David Jones, Marketing Director, Cunard

The advert moves to TV following a successful stint in cinema and on Cunard’s social channels. After the initial premier the advert will go on to play throughout the summer across UK TV channels including Channel 4, ITV and Sky’s portfolios. The campaign will also include YouTube, Spotify, podcasts and social media with each platform selected to reach as many of Cunard’s target audience as possible whilst also aligning to many of Cunard passion points such at the arts, food and literature.

Executive Creative Director Barnaby Girling at the7Stars creative agency said;

Until you’ve sailed on board Cunard you can’t quite appreciate the atmosphere they have created through over 180 years of careful fine tuning. Alan Watts’ distinctive speech about finding oneself within an infinite dream perfectly captures the sheer magic of what Cunard offer.

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