Once we return to service and are fully operational again, our future (ever expanding) list of cross functional programmes and projects need to be completed in the right way. So, an exciting new team has been created in CUK, the Enterprise Programme Management Office.

This is a centralised business function which operates at strategic level with the Executive Leadership Team and provides enterprise wide support on governance, project portfolio management best practices, mentoring, tools and standardised processes. 



  • Alignment and transparency across all of CUK
  • A prioritisation framework to deliver our goals
  • Ability to plan demand and resources for projects
  • Clear transparent decision making

Planning and projects

  • Project management methodology, consistent across CUK
  • Capability improvements across change activities (process and change management)
  • Additional rigour to assist in scenario planning of projects
  • Validation of performance and progress on projects, including periodic reviews to ensure the outcomes and deliverables are still appropriate


  • Clear understanding of the role of Sponsor within projects, to improve consistency of ownership and delivery
  • Transparency, simple and engaging approach to change
  • Clear understanding of the need to prioritise with Senior Leaders
  • Clear and consistent risk awareness of project delivery

Let’s be clear, ePMO does not eliminate the need for Project, Program or Department level Project or Planning office, it simply complements these departmental PMOs and their ways of working, and builds improvements in collaboration.

 Why is the group been set up now?

  1. Departmental PMOs in CUK often need to work in silos. This can often lead to challenges in communication, resource utilisation and operational inefficiencies. There’s a need for a group that can help prioritise cross functional projects across the organisation, identify if there are any duplicated efforts and investments, mitigate risk and identify opportunities for collaboration amongst departments across the enterprise. 
  2. Without full visibility it is often difficult to forecast the demand pipeline for a multiyear horizon where the demand process is disconnected.
  3. Standardisation can vary in the way projects are run because of different framework, practices, tools and maturity levels. For cross functional Projects CUK is looking at a centralised group/function to standardise PMO operations across the organisation.
  4. A business function in the form of ePMO can not only provide full visibility to the leadership in real time but also provides leadership buy-in for organisation wide projects.

We’re currently in the process of bringing together our ePMO team. For more information please reach out to Gerry Byrne, ePMO Lead (gerry.byrne@carnivalukgroup.com).

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