This week we caught up with Britannia’s Chief Engineer, Peter Redding, who shared with us that his team had been hard at work, joining as one team, to give the engine room a deep clean. Here’s what he had to say …

“Many hands make light work and every time we make progress as a team, the efforts of everyone are clear to see. During operational pause we’ve kept on top of maintaining areas and improving our maritime standards.

“But taking on tasks such as cleaning the engine room doesn’t just keep the ship well maintained, the team building opportunity is brilliant too! 

“Everyone worked so well together to achieve one goal regardless or rank or role and those in the role of engine room cleaners truly appreciated the extra support given to them to achieve such a fantastic result. We all take great pride in our efforts and improvements and speak up to challenge any potential slipping of standards.

“I am very lucky to be Chief Engineer on such a great ship with such an amazing team. Thank you and well done Tech team!”

If you have a similar story of great team work or any activities happening on board your ship let us know about them by getting in touch at

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