Recently we heard from Britannia’s Deputy Captain, Karl Shepherd, who told us a story of how the deck department on board worked together to make Britannia’s deck shine! A fantastic example of working as a team to achieve one common goal. Here’s what Karl had to say …

“They say being laid up is easier then when in operation, it’s also often presumed  ‘there’s fewer of us on board right now, we can leave those areas for another day’. But that’s not true, and recently on Britannia we set out to prove we continue to work hard as one team to keep Britannia looking her best whether we’re in operational pause or not.

“Feeling inspired by Britannia’s technical team who joined together to blitz the engine room one compartment at a time, the deck department, both Officers and crew, took on the challenge to brush, scrub, wash, hose and squeegee the deck until it cried for mercy!

“Working together we made the deck look so much better, but we also showed we can take on a challenge head on and work well together to achieve a common goal. We proved a driven team is a powerful team! Look out arena sports courts … you’re next on our list!”

If you have a similar story of great team work or any activities happening on board your ship let us know about them by getting in touch at


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