One thing that’s brought many of us comfort, while we’ve been dealing with the new experiences of lockdown and social distancing, is food – that’s no different for our crew on board either. That’s why Azura have been holding special food events to keep spirits up during the operational puase.

Here’s Tim Newman, Hotel Operations & Retail Manager, to tell you more…

We decided to hold a ‘Pop-up’ food event every day to supplement the corporate crew food cycle. These popular events also help with the food waste because the crew love and eat it all. Many of our crew have been on board since March/April – none of them have been ashore so we decided to enhance the food offering as they weren’t able to go anywhere else for lunch or buy something different. The live cooking events also add an element of theatre to the buffet, and a very inviting aroma!

Take a look below to see some of the delights we’ve had so far…

Fish, chips and of course, mushy peas

Pizza time

F&B Manager. Alessio’s, homemade Tiramasu

Toffee apples for bonfire night

Crew tell us they really look forward to our events, many of them use them as date markers to get through the week. “Totally breaks up the week” was a quote from out Hotel Auditor and “Fridays Traditional Fish & Chip Shop is brilliant, it’s like being at home” from one of our Nurses.

A huge thanks goes to our Food and Beverage department who’ve been catering for all 112 of our working crew, as well as 30 members who are in quarantine. 

We’ve seen some of the comfort foods Azura have been enjoying onboard but why not let us know what your go to treat is in the comments below?

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