According to the World Bank Group, over 1.3 billion people across the world live with some form of disability yet the Global Economics of Disability reports that only 4% of businesses are focussed on making offerings inclusive of disability. Fortunately we’re within that 4%.

To coincide with International Day of People with Disabilities, encouraging an inclusive and accessible future for all those living with a health impairment, we’re proud to announce that we’ve joined The Valuable 500, a global movement to put disability on the business leadership agenda.

Reflecting on the importance of this commitment, Josh Weinstein, President of Carnival UK said:

At Carnival UK recognise that to be truly inclusive, we have to drive an agenda that leans into the needs of those with disabilities and long-term health conditions. We’re working hard with our strategic partners and our people to understand what the challenges and opportunities are, and to define ways that everyone can contribute to building a better working environment for all colleagues.

Through joining the Valuable 500, we’ve committed to focus on shaping a positive working environment for our colleagues with disabilities and long term health conditions by:

  • Working with the Business Disability Forum, Inclusive Employers, The Princes’ Trust and our Inclusion Steering Group to remove and overcome barriers, creating a more inclusive workplace.
  • Sharing practical guidance and case studies with managers to help them have quality conversations with their teams about disability, long-term health conditions and reasonable adjustments.
  • Making job opportunities at Carnival UK visible to everyone so that we find the very best people for the roles available.

Caroline Casey, Founder of The Valuable 500, said:

“We commend the 200 CEOs and brands who are leading the way in creating an inclusive workplace by signing up to The Valuable 500. They are an example to other businesses within their sectors, and I hope they help to encourage their peers to follow suit.”

We’re already working hard to create an inclusive working environment. Read Kelly’s story to find out how we’ve supported Kelly with reasonable adjustments to help her continue a career that she loves.

If you have a health impairment and feel as though you would benefit from some reasonable adjustments in the work place, speak to your line manager about a referral to occupational health and don’t forget to update your details on My HR Portal.

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