Fleet Accompanied Travel FAQs

The purpose of this Q&A is to address the terms of the Accompanied Travel policy and processes, for any questions relating to our Health protocols and requirements of travel, please check P&O Cruises Cruise with Confidence or Cunard Sail with Confidence for the latest information.

Does a visitor have to quarantine?  


My visitor(s) has requested to join/ leave at a port mid cruise (not the main embark or debark port, is that possible?

Yes, subject to approval.

What happens if my visitor(s) tests positive while on board?

They will be required to isolate in a specially-designated quarantine cabin.

Can I apply for both cabin types for my relative/s – sharing my cabin and a guest cabin?

To support you with your application you can add both options to the application form, however the Guest Cabin option will subject to availability and may not be confirmed until closer to departure date

How do I find the current Health Protocols and Requirements?

For information on the COVID-19 requirements for specific destinations that you are travelling to, please see our A-Z destination requirements guide here: P&O Cruises Cruise with Confidence or Cunard Sail with Confidence. This guide is updated regularly.

Can my relative book their own flights?

To comply with Barbados protocols, we can only allow guests travelling on our charter flights to join Azura and Britannia in the Caribbean.

Can children travelling on Accompanied Travel policy participate in children’s clubs on board?

Yes, they are welcome to join in the children’s clubs on board. Please note children attending one of our children’s clubs will be allocated a cohort, with scheduled sessions they can attend throughout the cruise. Each child will attend the club with the same group of children and will only be able to attend the sessions scheduled for their cohort. Our numbers will be limited in the clubs at any one time, so we recommend registering on My P&O Cruises before your holiday to avoid disappointment. To register your child to use the children’s club, please complete the form here from 15 days before your holiday: https://my.pocruises.com/mycruise/youthregistration The nursery and night nursery will not be in operation. For children attending Splashers aged between two and four, we require one parent or guardian to supervise their child whilst using these facilities to protect their health and safety whilst on board. All children aged five years and above will be required to wear a face mask when using the children’s clubs and our teams will regularly encourage social distancing and regular hand washing

Does my visitor(s) require Insurance cover?

Family members need to obtain valid travel insurance for the duration of the trip that covers for COVID-19 related costs in addition to all other cover customarily required for cruise travel and any pre-existing medical conditions. Evidence of cover may be required to be provided.

What if I test positive for COVID while on board?

In the event that a visitor tests positive for COVID while on board, and while sharing a cabin, they will be required to isolate in a separate cabin. All meals will be provided to you for you to eat in the cabin. The isolation protocols is dependent on the requirements of the location.

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