What happens when I Speak Up?

We know that speaking up takes courage and we’ll always listen, learn and act, keeping you informed of what happens next – this will depend on the issue or suggestion you have raised and who you have spoken up to. Sometimes your line manager will be able to deal with the matter by themselves, but often they will need to pass it to a subject matter expert (SME) or a more senior colleague to investigate or look into.

If your report is made through The Hotline, the Ethics & Compliance team will always ask an SME to investigate to ensure the correct outcome. Any information you provide will be kept as confidential as possible while allowing for a proper investigation and resolution. This can take time so it may be a few weeks or even longer before you are contacted.

Where possible we will always try to share some detail about the investigation or review and outcome with you, however please be aware this is sometimes not possible due to confidentiality reasons.

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