P&O Cruises Hotel Standards has developed a handbook and assessment toolkits in collaboration with colleagues from various functional units such as Maritime, Procurement, Brand, and Newbuild to standardise condition assessment of hotel assets and provide easy access to specifications in a central repository to support maintenance, repair, replacement, and procurement. This will ensure an understanding of future maintenance requirements and support better value-based commercial decisions.

Streamlining and standardising asset maintenance and monitoring reduces financial risk and improves planning and budgeting. Implementing hotel standards improves the guest experience by identifying defects, repairs or replacements and purchasing accurate assets in a timely manner, ultimately improving overall ship condition.

Please access the collateral below or download a copy for your reference:

Hotel Standards Handbook

Hotel Standards QR Guide

DesignSpec Journey
This shows the documented process journey where we have captured the trigger point to access and use the DesignSpec platform, tagging the roles and defining responsibilities in the relevant touchpoints.

Asset Flashcards
An easy-to-carry set of visual flashcards (on a ring) to make quick reference to the 20 hotel asset categories, when conducting a venue/cabin assessment. These flashcards have asset examples against every asset category to guide the users to the correct categories when logging the data on the tear sheets.

Hotel Standards Crew Handbook
A condensed version of the corporate handbook developed for the wider team with relevant content for the users to make reference to the assessment practices and purpose.

Hotel Standards Assessment FAQs
These questions aim to answer frequently appearing questions and common themes that have cropped up during our audits.

Tear Sheet
A hardcopy sheet (modelled after the excel file worksheet) for users to record the asset volume and ranks (1-5). We identified that users conducting the hotel standards surveys may not have their devices (ipads/laptops) to log the hotel standards ranks. The tear sheets will make a significant difference in allowing users to capture the data and then submit their completed sheets to the assigned admin tasked to transfer the data to the online excel file available on MS Teams Hotel Standards Channel.

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