Cunard, White Star Service

Our iconic brand is successful because of the passion and expertise of our people who serve our thousands of Guests from all over the world, every day. 

White Star Service is the name of our service programme that looks to consistently deliver the highest standards of personal service. It’s a programme that covers everything from recruiting the right talent to training the skills required and providing the ongoing development and recognition to our people. 

Brand Values 

Our values are our foundation and define the behaviours and actions that we want to see in everything that we do. 

We are Refined 

We serve with style and attention to detail 

• We present ourselves immaculately 

• We care for & respect our surroundings 

• We use good manners & positive body language 

We are Thoughtful 

We think and deliver with care and imagination 

• We are present in the moment & ready to assist 

• We are resourceful & offer solutions 

• We care for our Guests, our environment & each other 

We are Charismatic 

We speak and act with charm and confidence 

• We are warm, welcoming & sincere 

• We engage using our personality & passion 

• We trust & use our knowledge to create personal moments  

We are Proud 

We represent Cunard with passion and pride 

• We are knowledgeable about our ships, services, history & future 

• We challenge ourselves to consistently uphold our standards 

• We are committed to developing ourselves and supporting others 

White Star Service Pin 

A White Star Service pin on our uniform serves as a public declaration of commitment to our Guests and to ourselves, through our brand values. Only team members who successfully complete the White Star Service training modules will get to wear a White Star Service Pin with pride!  

White Star Service Awards 

Every month, our White Star Service Awards celebrate and reward our colleagues who deliver exceptional service to our guests or colleagues through our White Star Service values. Everyone can nominate each other and there are great prizes to be won.  

Our Culture Essentials

Respect and Protect

The culture we create is critical and it’s built through our work, training, how we treat each other and how we hold each other accountable. It’s a reflection of who we are, what we stand for today and what we aspire to be tomorrow. 

Our Culture Essentials are the clear behaviours for both our shoreside and fleet colleagues that every brand in our Carnival family champions so we can build an even stronger culture, together. 

Our Culture Essentials Awards celebrate and recognise colleagues who support our Culture Essentials by showcasing our behavioural expectations. These behaviours are critical in helping us to achieve our ideal culture, be the great company we aspire to be, and to create unforgettable holiday happiness for our guests. 


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